Launch workstationΒΆ

The Cirrus Cluster workstation console allows you to start, stop, and connect to your workstations from any internet connected computer.


Make sure NX Client is installed on the computer you are using and that you can login to the AWS Management Console.

To start and connect to your workstation:

  1. Go to the Cirrus Cluster workstation console:
  2. Click login and enter your username and password (or click register if you don’t have an account).
  3. Click the connect button next to a workstation workstation (or the create new workstation button if no workstations are listed).

Use ctrl-alt-f to use nx-client in fullscreen mode. Here are some more handy NX Client keyboard shortcuts.


After login, you’ll be prompted for your AWS Access Key. Follow the guide here to get your AWS Access Key.

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