You must install NX client on any computer from which you wish to work. Also because Cirrus Cluster launches computer resource on the public Amazon Web Services cloud, you’ll need to create an AWS account.


You’ll need to provide a credit card and phone number to create an AWS account.

Install NX Client

The NX client allows you to use another computer remotely as if it were your local machine. It provides a fast full-screen GUI session even across poor connections. Please install the NX client for your OS:

Create AWS Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign Up button
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions


If you are a student or researcher, you can request a grant for free AWS credits. When your grant credit is exhausted, your credit card will be charged once again.


You are responsible for any charges you accrue for use of AWS resources. When you complete a work session, always login to your AWS management console and check that your workstation instances are stopped and your cluster instances terminated to avoid accidently wasting resources.

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